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The truth is there is quite a world of difference between what the professionals can do, and what homeowners are capable of doing for themselves. While there are many home remedies for cleaning your carpets, the truth is these often only provide minimal relief and at worst can actually make the problem worse. The biggest advantage of using professional carpet cleaners is that they carry the latest technology in carpet cleaning, such as vacuum extraction units.

professional carpet cleaners

There are several different types of technology that professional carpet cleaners use to get the job done, but essentially it comes down to two cleaning methods. These include wet and dry extraction, and hot water extraction. Wet extraction involves the use of a large machine that will suck all the water out of the carpet, while simultaneously using a strong vacuum. The carpet is then dried with a heat gun, which has a heated element at the bottom to remove any remaining water, and then the carpet is washed with even more powerful machinery. The key to getting rid of the water that has worked its way deep within your carpets lies in using the right machinery.

As mentioned above, professional cleaners use the latest machinery, which enables them to get rid of more stains than homeowners would be able to. One of the machines they frequently use is called a water jet machine. This is essentially a powerful water jet that are used to clean upholstery, and other areas where it is impossible for a homeowner with normal cleaning equipment to reach. If you have a stain on your furniture that is difficult to get out, or if you have spilled something on your carpet, it is recommended you contact a professional carpet cleaner in your area. They will be able to remove whatever is making your living conditions unpleasant, without you having to spend hours trying to remove it yourself.

Another common problem that homeowners tend to ignore is dust mites. Although it is almost impossible to completely get rid of dust mites from carpets, you can prevent them from breeding by hiring a professional carpet cleaning company. Dust mites are drawn to carpets, because of their need for warm, dark and moist habitats. These particular types of mites are extremely difficult to eliminate once they are already established, so you should leave removing them to the professionals. These experts can use specially formulated solutions that will effectively draw the mites away from your carpets, preventing them from nesting.

Many homeowners make the mistake of ignoring traffic lanes, which are often the cause of unpleasant odors in a home. Professional carpet cleaners know exactly how to take out smells, and they do it in a way that won’t disturb people or disrupt their everyday lives. If homeowners want to enjoy relaxation and convenience, they need to hire a professional company. Because traffic lanes are in close proximity to bathrooms, homeowners are at an especially high risk of experiencing unpleasant odors from these zones. It is recommended that homeowners make sure that the professional cleaning company they choose adheres to strict guidelines for dealing with these zones.

Homeowners also need to think about the drying time, as this can affect the durability of their carpets. Professionals recommend drying time of between one and three hours, which is much shorter than traditional carpet cleaning methods. This shorter drying time allows the chemicals to penetrate the fabric much more deeply, ensuring that stains will be removed more effectively and fading will be kept at bay. Professional cleaners are much better equipped to handle the task of fading, as they have much more tools at their disposal for dealing with this problem.

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