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Pet Stain Removal

Pet Stain Removal McKinney

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Pet Stain Removal & Carpet Cleaning


Owning a pet often means having to deal with pet urine stains and odor removal in your home, and not all solutions are created equal. In order to effectively remove spots and odor from your beloved pet, you need an experienced company with the right process.

CitruSolution is a McKinney-based non-toxic carpet cleaning solution to remove pet spots. When combined with Odorcide 210, a deodorizer, and Benefect, a botanical antimicrobial, the odor will be fully removed while acting as a deterrent for future accidents.

Why Removing Pet Spots and Odor is Important

Living with pet spots is often considered a necessary evil when you have pets, but it doesn’t need to be. Removing pet spots and odor will eliminate the visual evidence as well as the smell. It will also:

  • Remove bacteria
  • Reduce the chances of allergies
  • Improve your home’s aesthetics

Remove Bacteria from Pet Accidents

Pet accidents carry bacteria and other germs that can be harmful to your family and other pets, and our cleaner eliminates them. A clean home can help keep your family healthy.

Pet urine is acidic, making it the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. As these bacteria continue to grow in your carpet, the odor worsens and oxidizes your carpet. This can change the carpet fibers’ color, and can be permanent unless it’s removed quickly.

This odor is exacerbated when humidity increases or the carpet is dampened. In Nashville humidity is a common occurrence, and you likely don’t want to smell pet urine every time the weather changes.

Reduce Allergies from Pet Accidents

Regular carpet cleaning can also reduce your family’s allergen triggers, because both the odor and the urine itself are removed. Nearly 30% of adults and 40% of children in the U.S. suffer from allergies, including nasal allergies and skin allergies.

Pet urine is particularly bad for allergies, especially as it accumulates over time. Chemicals can also contribute to your family’s allergies, so a non-toxic solution is important. In addition to removing pet spots, our HEPA vacuums will remove additional pet dander for a fresh, clean carpet.

Improve Your Home’s Aesthetics

While your family’s health is paramount, you also want your home to look nice. Effectively removing pet spots can restore your home’s carpets to like-new status, and help you enjoy spending time in each room once again.

If you’ve spent time using steam cleaning methods, you’ll be surprised with the change that can happen when you make the switch!

CitruSolution sent a cleaning team out to my home a couple of weeks ago and I was thrilled with the job they did. I had pretty much lost hope that our carpet could look better but it not only looked better, it smelled better, when they left. They also cleaned (by hand mind you) our tan chenille sofa and throw pillows.” – Jamie R.

The Benefits of Non-Toxic Pet Urine Stain and Odor Removal

The benefits of CitruSolution are due to our powerful, non-toxic ingredients. This combination provides you with a solution for pet urine stains and odor removal.

  • Natural deodorizer
  • Permanently removes pet spots
  • Limited moisture

The natural deodorizer in CitruSolution’s carpet cleaner effectively neutralizes many household odors, including those from pet spots. Even the best trained pet can have accidents, and it’s definitely an odor you want to eliminate!

Traditional steam cleaning can appear to remove pet spots, but they often reappear over time. Instead, the citrus oils and other natural, non-toxic ingredients in our carpet cleaner can remove spots and help your carpets appear new again with limited moisture.

Traditional steam cleaning involves excess water, and requires up to 48 hours to dry completely. This excess water often does not fully remove the pet spots, and it increases the likelihood of mold conditions in your home.


“CitruSolution makes our home smell and look new. We had 3 dogs in our home last summer, so all our Oriental rugs and carpet needing cleaning badly. CitruSolution also cleaned my sofa and it looked and smelled new again! I Wish I could afford them once a month.  I recommend them to all my clients. I would not use any other company. – Jane M., Realtor

The CitruSolution Difference

Our unique process uses limited water, so you can get back to enjoying your home, without worrying about drying carpets and potential mold growth. We apply CitruSolution with a hand operated sprayer, and it’s then activated with a rotary Brush and Bonnet. This activation neutralizes germs, allergens, spots, and embedded soilswhile bringing them to the surface.

Afterwards, we vacuum with a Lindhaus HealthPro Vacuum to remove the surface soils. This process truly cleans the carpet fibers to remove pet spots and odor, and you can walk on the carpet immediately after cleaning.

Pet spots will not return, because CitruSolution neutralizes the residue and removes the acidity. Instead of regular cleanings every few months for the same spots, you can schedule one carpet cleaning service and rest assured that the pet spots will be taken care of completely and safely.

The gentle cleaning process of CitruSolution will also minimize damage to your carpets. Old-fashioned steam cleaning sprays the carpet with a high-pressure solution of soap and water, which can increase the chance for damage.

Making the Most of Your Carpet Cleaning Service

It’s important to note that it’s not always feasible to schedule carpet cleaning service for every accident, which is why we give you a spray bottle of CitruSpotter spot cleaner.

This allows you to clean up after every accident, without scheduling additional appointments. (We love coming to your home, but we also don’t want you to spend the additional money if you don’t need to!)

“Thank you for the bottle of CitruSpotter. One of the dogs came in with a sliced dew claw this morning and tracked blood on the carpet before we realized it. We, of course, attended to the hurt dog before dealing with the spots on the carpet. I remembered your Carpet Spot Cleaner and decided to give it a test. The results were quick and remarkable. Really, I felt like a TV commercial. The blood spots were gone in no time! Again, thank you for such an effective product!” -Monty

If your pet has an accident that requires immediate attention and you don’t have a bottle of CitruSpotter, you can clean the carpet with a 50/50 solution of white vinegar and water. Remove as much urine as possible with a towel, then apply the 50/50 solution and allow it to dry.

This is an ideal way to limit the effects of pet spots until you can schedule an appointment.

Removing pet urine stains and odor are important for your family’s health and home’s appearance. In order to properly remove both the stain and the odor, you need to clean more than the surface fibers. Fully removing the bacteria with a non-toxic carpet cleaning solution can help improve the appearance and smell of your home, without unnecessary toxic chemicals.

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