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Unlike traditional wet-cleaning methods, dry-cleaning does not require any drying time. The process uses liquid cleaning agent or foam that crystallizes in a powder, which can then be brushed off or vacuumed. It is a cost-effective method for many homes, as it uses less water than other methods and requires less drying time. Dry cleaning does not require any wet-cleaning time, as it uses powder and a motorized brush to clean the carpet. It also removes odors.

Traditionally, cleaning a stain involves soaking the stained area in clean, warm water to remove dirt and debris. To clean up any remaining spots, use white paper towels to absorb excess moisture. If the stain is too large to be removed using these cloths, use a heavy weight, such as a phone book, to hold it in place while it dries. Several treatments may be needed, depending on the size and type of stain.

Before scheduling a carpet cleaning service, you must make sure that the cleaning technician understands the nature of the stain. Some stains may stay in the carpet for longer than 30 minutes and may permanently change the color. Another example is when pets urinate on the carpet. While you may think this is normal, consider that pet urine leaves behind soap residue that can re-soil the carpet. A true professional will recognize these differences and use the right cleaning agent to eliminate the stain. Always keep pets out of the room where the carpet is being cleaned. Similarly, if the stain comes from artificial food, it is usually permanent. To ensure the longevity of your clean carpet, choose a service provider that carries the CRI Seal of Approval.

For the most effective cleaning results, a hot water extraction system is recommended. This method, commonly known as “steam cleaning,” is more effective than the dry-cleaning method. A hot water extraction system applies a cleaning agent directly into the pile of a carpet, and then uses the collected solution to extract the dirt. The system can be truck-mounted outside the home, or portable inside the house. However, it does have a high price tag.

A dry cleaning method involves the application of a cleaning agent that is applied to the top of the carpet without reaching the fibre itself. A motorized machine with a spinning pad removes the dirt and dust from the surface of the carpet. It is an efficient and fast-drying method. However, it is not recommended for cleaning deeply soiled carpets. It may be the best option for light-duty cleaning. But it does not remove stubborn dirt, which can lead to a streaky finish.

Encapsulation cleaning is a method that uses synthetic foam detergents and a brush machine. These chemicals work to loosen dirt particles embedded in the fiber, which then encapsulates them. The carpet is then vacuumed to remove the residue. This type of cleaning requires less water, which makes it more effective on lightly soiled carpets. However, it is not suitable for heavy-duty carpets. Because it uses less water, it can be a costly option, especially for heavy-duty carpets.

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