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I live in New Hampshire and often hire carpet cleaning services from a local carpet cleaner in nearby Nashua. Since I do not have a lot of money to spend on carpet cleaning, I am happy to pay whatever they charge me so that I do not have to buy new carpeting or have the carpet cleaned in my home. However, when I recently had my carpet cleaned in Nashua it left a lot of my carpet cleaning budget in the dust. After I complained about this to the owner of the company, he told me that my complaints were not valid because his employees follow all procedures laid out by him. He then offered me a discount on the cost of the service, which I thought was great since the money I was paying wasn’t going to waste.

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Well, as luck would have it, two months later I got another call from the same carpet cleaning near Nashua company. This time the representative was telling me that he could not clean my floors due to “unseen damage,” although he did offer to pick up my carpet and bring it back the next day. Since I live on a first floor, I thought this was unacceptable and went with another company. I have to admit that my second problem was caused by something that could have been easily seen from the carpeted area, but since he could not see it, he said he could not clean it either.

First, let me say that I have never had any problems with the carpets in my home before, even though I have two dogs and a cat who loves to chew on them. But, when he told me that he could not clean my floors, I freaked out. Carpet stains are very visible and they cause a lot of unnecessary wear and tear on your carpeting. The second problem he mentioned was that he did not know what he was talking about, since all of us in the business keep cleaning carpets every few months with a simple cleaning solution. But, according to him, it is not “common” for people to bring in a special carpet cleaner like we do to their homes.

After discussing this with my other cleaners, we realized that this must be some kind of problem. My carpet had lost its sheen and was getting very worn looking. Some of the stains were so bad that they were making the other carpets look worse. I asked him if he could send someone out to my house to see what we needed, and he did, but it turned out that he would be charging us a little bit more to come out and take care of our problem.

We decided to try the hot water extraction method. The results were far better than we had expected. The dirt that had been sitting on our carpet was completely lifted right out of our carpets. It even lifted the dirt that had been embedded in the fiber itself. I was very impressed and had to tell my other cleaners what a great job he did.

When our old carpet was due for a replacement, I told my other cleaners that I was thinking of having our old carpet professionally cleaned. They all agreed that it was a good idea and brought a couple of their guys out to take a look at our carpets. While they were inspecting our carpets they found that there was one more thing that we were missing; we needed a carpet cleaning system that could deal with all of the dirt that was sitting on our carpets, including the stains that had been sitting on them for years.

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