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Carpet Cleaning Rental Pros For Your Carpets

Professional carpet cleaners provide the best in cleaning services. They are fully equipped with the latest tools and equipment to ensure that your rugs and carpets stay clean and free from stains and allergens. If you hire them, they will get rid of all kinds of stains including coffee, gravy, red wine, chocolate, food, grease, pet stains etc. Professional carpet cleaners also ensure that your carpets and rugs retain their original colour. They use specialized cleaning solutions for cleaning carpets, rugs and upholstery. In order to extend their life for a further period they use heat and moisture extraction machines.

Most professional carpet cleaners use three basic cleaning methods. They use hot water extraction, wet/dry vacuuming and air compression cleaning methods. They follow a strict procedure for every cleaning method. Here is a look at their cleaning methods.

Hot water extraction – this is the traditional method of cleaning. The carpet cleaning companies apply warm water and extract all the dirt, dust particles and soil from the carpets. The hot water is extracted using powerful vacuums. The residue is collected and vacuumed.

Wet vacuuming – the professionals use wet dry vacuums for cleaning purpose. They extract the water from the soil, dust particles and dirt and wash it away. The professionals do not mix water with cleaning solution. The carpet cleaning rental pros use professional vacuums that are specially designed to clean delicate upholstered items. Therefore, if you too need a carpet cleaning rental, then you should select one of the pros.

Steam Cleaning – the professionals use modern high technology steam cleaner to remove all kinds of stubborn dirt and soil from your rugs and carpets. They start the steaming process by introducing the cleaning solution into the cleaner and then rubbing it onto the carpets. The steam cleaner works on the principle of using high-powered heat to remove the dirt from deep inside the carpets. The steam cleaner is a much more advanced tool than the basic upholstery brush and vacuum cleaner. If you need a clean carpet at your home, then you should go for professional carpet cleaners.

Shampooing – the professionals use special shampoo formulations to give special conditioned clean rugs and carpets. The shampoo acts as an anti-soil agent, hence removing all kinds of stains and soils. However, you should choose a shampoo carefully after reading the instructions because not all shampoo formulations work effectively on all kinds of rugs and carpets.

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