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Carpet Cleaning – What Are the Different Types of Carpet Cleaning?

Carpet cleaning is performed mainly to remove dirt, stains, and allergens in carpets. Common techniques include dry-cleaning, hot water extraction, steam cleaning, and carpet shampooing. Dry cleaning removes stains more efficiently than steam cleaning. It also prevents the carpet from shrinking while it dries.

Dry carpet cleaning methods use detergents with high strengths that loosen dirt particles and oily build-up. Bonnet cleaning, which uses hot water, is more effective than cold or hot water methods. It can remove dirt and stains in fabrics and non-woven materials. Hot water extraction combines detergent and water, but without using heat. It is more efficient than other techniques, such as bonnet cleaning and shampooing.

Vacuum carpet cleaning is a popular technique for removing dirt and spills. The carpet cleaner sucks the dirt out through a vacuum tube and then replaces the carpet with a new one. It is an effective way to clean carpets because it removes most of the embedded dirt. However, it cannot remove stains or allergens, like bonnet cleaning.

Steam cleaning uses water and heat under very high pressure to remove dirt and stains. It is an effective method for deep cleaning of carpets because of its ability to loosen dirt embedded deep inside carpet fibers. Hot water extraction (also called dry foam carpet cleaning) uses hot water extraction and cold water extraction. This type of cleaning is more expensive than hot water extraction. It removes more dirt than hot water extraction.

Carpet shampoos are used to thoroughly clean carpets and upholstery. It cleans the floors and it also removes any stain or odor on the carpets. Before using shampoo on the floor, check the pH value of the wood, upholstery and carpet. A shampoo that does not have enough acidity to neutralize the chemicals in the wood, upholstery, etc. can be damaging to the floors and furniture.

Vacuuming is an important aspect of carpet cleaning. It can remove certain stains that can be removed by a shampoo. However, regular vacuuming does not remove all kinds of stains. In addition to the vacuuming process, your carpet cleaning company might use a dry-cleaner or an absorbent powder to remove certain stubborn stains, like pet stains.

The dry-cleaner or powder will contain either borax or bleach and will work by removing the soil or residue from the carpet fibers as well as removing any excess dirt. Dry-cleaning will also remove some soil residue from the fibers that can not be removed by a vacuum. This residue is known as “crawl space waste”. If you use a carpet sweeper with a powerful vacuum cleaner, the soil or “crawl space waste” will likely remain in the sweeper’s bucket and can attract other rodents, such as roaches, spiders and rodent rats. If you use steam cleaning or a steam carpet cleaner, this residue can also be effectively removed.

Steam cleaners work by using very high temperatures (over 500 degrees Fahrenheit). This heat opens the material (usually carpeting) allowing for better penetration into the carpet pile and deeper levels of the carpet. This penetration and heat increase the potential for bacteria, dirt and other allergens to be trapped in the carpet pile. The drying time for steam cleaning is shorter than dry-cleaning methods. You should allow the cleaning solution to sit on the carpet for up to fifteen minutes before vacuuming it.

Vacuum cleaners can be an effective tool when used properly and routinely. However, if they are used improperly or used excessively, your carpets can become damaged. Some common problems include pet stains, soap scum on carpets and other debris and soil buildup. These issues can not only make your carpets look bad but can also cause health issues. If your carpets have become dirty in any of these areas, you should consult with your doctor to determine if an evaluation is necessary.

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