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Carpet cleaning is a service provided by professional carpet cleaners. They are the best persons who can clean your carpets to ensure that they remain in good shape. Most of the carpet manufacturers recommend that you have your carpets cleaned at least once a year or even more often if you spend a lot of time on them. Carpets can greatly add to the decor of your home and can be used for many years. If not taken care of, they will start to gather dust and make your house look shabby and unkempt.

carpet cleaning

Carpet cleaning is done mainly to remove dirt, stains, and allergic particles from carpets. Common techniques used include hot water extraction, steam cleaning, dry cleaning, and vacuum carpet cleaners. Depending on what kind of carpet you own, the carpet cleaning technician will recommend which technique should be used on it. There are different techniques used for carpet cleaning depending on how dirty it is and the level of filthiness. Here are the most common techniques used by professional carpet cleaners:

Hot water extraction: This technique involves filling the carpets with warm water and then waiting for it to sit for a certain period of time before finishing with the extraction process. The heated water is used to get rid of all the dirt present in the carpets and the liquid is extracted using a vacuum cleaner. The longer the time the cleaner sits, the deeper the dirt will be retained. Professionals usually recommend that this technique is used for dirt accumulated over a long period.

Dry cleaning: This is one of the simplest carpet cleaning techniques available. All the dirt is thoroughly cleaned on the carpet and then dried up using a carpet sweeper or a vacuum. Professionals usually apply a layer of soil retardants to carpets, which ensures proper drying. After the soil retardants are removed, a layer of anti-static agent is applied to ensure that no electrical flow will take place on the carpet once the carpet is clean. The dirt is then thoroughly vacuumed and the residue removed using a vacuum cleaner. Once this is done, the carpet is left to dry up completely and may be polished if required.

Steam Cleaning: Also known as hot water extraction, steam cleaning involves spraying a jet of hot water onto the carpet, followed by a dry carpet cleaning technique. Steam cleaning helps remove the soil from the surface of the carpet, as well as any dampness that had accumulated on it. This technique is best suited for stains that have not been permeated by vacuuming or scratching. Once the dirt has been removed, the residue can be removed with a vacuum and the carpet can be rewashed if required.

Vacuuming alone is not enough to remove all the dirt that accumulates on your carpet. You need to hire the services of a professional carpet cleaning company to do the job properly. They are equipped with the proper equipment and know how to tackle different types of dirt and stain. Hence you can be assured that your carpet remains clean and neat in every sense.

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