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The Differences Between Carpet Cleaning and Carpet Shampooing

Carpet cleaning is performed mostly to eliminate stains, allergens, and dirt from carpets in your house. Common methods used for carpet cleaning include steam cleaning, dry-clean, and spot cleaning. Steam cleaning uses a carpet cleaning machine, which cleans the carpet by using very high temperatures. Dry cleaning or spot cleaning involves using a carpet cleaner that has a special device that cleans the carpet without wetting it. These methods have higher operating costs than steam cleaning or dry cleaning, but they can provide excellent results.

It is important that carpet cleaning techniques are chosen based on the carpet fibers’ chemical makeup, as well as on how the carpet is cleaned. The most common method of carpet cleaning is bonnet carpet cleaning. Bonnet carpet cleaning is done with a carpet extractor. A carpet extractor has a rotating head that spins as it turns. This movement stirs the carpet fibers, breaking the soil and dirt into small pieces. After the soil is broken, the resulting pieces are collected by the extractor and transported to a central vacuum chamber.

With bonnet carpet cleaning, there is no need to apply chemicals, as in spot cleaning or steam cleaning. This method of carpet cleaning also produces minimal residual detergent residue, making it ideal for use in home cleaning applications. The small amount of residual detergent helps reduce cleaning time. To clean with bonnet carpet cleaning, you would need to empty the extractor container, fill it with clean water, set the extraction carpet cleaning machine to medium, spin the head in its housing, and run the machine.

There are professional cleaners that do carpet cleaning, such as carpet cleaning equipment that is often referred to as a deep cleaning machine. These professional cleaners typically use a truck-mounted unit that looks similar to a pressure washer. Pressure washers are often used for larger areas of carpet. They have a cylindrical head with paddles on the end that is capable of scrubbing deep into the fibers.

Professional cleaners also use steam cleaners, which extract the water from the carpet fibers using high-pressure steam. Professional cleaners have the ability to handle very dirty carpets and rugs, where steam cleaning is not an option. The higher temperatures that are necessary in steam cleaner units can damage your carpets and rugs. Steam cleaners can also adversely affect your rugs if not used properly. Professionals will take all safety precautions to ensure that the process is safe for both you and your carpets and rugs.

Dry cleaning systems and dry foam systems are available for purchase in the customer service area of your local grocery store. Steam cleaners and bonnet carpet cleaners are available at your professional cleaners. Most of these services are also happy to install the cleaning systems themselves if you are not sure about the installation. There are other services available such as floor treatments that seal the floors to prevent dust from entering the room. Professional cleaners have the knowledge, resources and equipment to complete the job professionally and safely.

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