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Carpet cleaning is usually done to remove dirt, stains, and allergens in carpets. Common techniques include wet-sanded, dry-sanded, steam cleaning, and shampooing. Each technique has its own advantages and disadvantages. Carpets, being exposed to everyday wear and tear, need to be cleaned regularly to maintain their cleanliness and provide a comfortable and healthy living environment.

The wet-sanded carpet cleaning method involves using pressurized water and applying a mixture of detergents on the pile. The water is forced through a sieve, removing solids and lint. Afterward, the carpet is left soaking for a few minutes, after which the cleaning process is stopped. The drying time is dependent upon the thickness of the carpet. Usually, it is three to five minutes per square inch.

Dry-sanded carpet cleaning method involves applying a bonnet or absorbent cloth to a carpet and then spraying the bonnet with water. The dirt particles that are not removed by the water are collected by the bonnet and are later vacuumed up by the vacuum cleaner. The dirt that is collected during this process is later raked and vacuumed up. Once the dirt has been completely removed, the carpet is dried at room temperature using a hair dryer. Drying time is dependent on the thickness of the carpet fibers.

Steam carpet cleaning uses high heat water extraction method. A machine sprays water directly onto the carpet. The machine can either use hot or cold water. The hot water extraction uses detergent solution, while the cold water extraction uses a detergent without soap. This method tends to leave a residue behind on carpet fibers. If there is too much residue, it can be removed by vacuuming, however the carpet might have to be steamed before the first rinse.

Gas extraction method uses propane or natural gas to carry out the carpet cleaning process. A carpet cleaner is fitted with hose and injects the cleaning solution into the carpet. The carpet cleaner then shoots jets of hot water and detergent through the hose and into the carpet. The water and detergent are then recovered by the carpet cleaner and rinsed.

A professional carpet cleaning service provides a range of services for a wide variety of requirements. In most cases, carpet cleaners use eco-friendly solutions to clean your carpets in an environmentally friendly manner. Professional cleaners also ensure that your carpet is kept clean and presentable at all times. A professional cleaner removes dust, dirt and allergens using HEPA vacuum cleaners. They also provide regular steam cleanings, spot cleanings and disinfection.

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