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When you think of professional carpet cleaners, chances are you think of a company that cleans your carpets onsite, right in your home or office. While this is certainly the most convenient and least expensive option, it is by no means the only or best option. All research indicates that there are still some very strong arguments for dragging your furniture into your kitchen every few months and call the professional carpet cleaners:

professional carpet cleaners

Regular Vacuuming – Most people assume that regular vacuuming is the best way to maintain carpet life. This is absolutely true, but not at the expense of destroying your carpet. Regular vacuuming will remove smaller dirt particles, but larger and deeper soil particles, oils, grease and stains will be left behind.

Pet Stains – One of the worst mistakes that anyone can make is allowing pet stains to remain on their floor. Pets harbor fleas, which are attracted to pet stains. This in turn attracts more pet stains. Again, professional carpet cleaning experts know exactly how to combat pet stains. They use carpet deodorizers to neutralize odors and they steam clean your floors to get rid of any remaining pet odors.

Heat – Many people don’t realize that using heat on carpets is harmful. It warms the carpets that are being cleaned, and then the moisture stays trapped within the carpet. This causes the carpets to soak up even more moisture, and over time, they will begin to rot. It is for this reason that professional carpet cleaners advise against heating your rugs.

Heat – Carpet cleaning professionals will never warn you about the dangers of leaving water spots on your carpets. When you spill something, it doesn’t always happen on the first try. The water just sits on the surface until it dries. If you leave it long enough, the water will actually seep underneath the carpet padding and ruin your floor. Professional carpet cleaners know how to prevent this from happening.

Allergens – Most people don’t realize that allergies can also be caused by dirt and mold. In fact, they can be exacerbated by it. If someone in your household has allergies, they know how difficult it can be to keep them from coming back. You may have dirt and mold on your carpets, but if you have allergies, you know how difficult it can be to completely eliminate them. Again, this is why professional carpet cleaners utilize techniques such as hot water extraction, and they thoroughly clean carpets to remove any allergens.

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